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    3. Jinzhou Runyu

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      Founded in March 2012, Hebei Runyu Fertilizer Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to “Hebei Runyu”) boats a registered a capital of 20 million RMB. Its production area is located in No. 87 East No. 2 Ring South Road, Shijiazhuang. Since its foundation, Hebei Runyu has constantly adhered to the operation concept of “scientific R&D and green production.” Keeping a foothold on “industries contributing to farmers’ income, rural development and countryside construction,” Hebei Runyu orients its development towards the whole China. Under the support of three flagship products, namely “Runyu Microbial Agent,” “Runyu Water-soluble Fertilizer,” and “Runyu Organic Fertilizer,” Hebei Runyu has blazed a new development path themed on “scientific and environmental-friendly Runyu for the good of farmers.” Gradually, it has grown into a famous enterprise in China’s agriculture science and technology field.


      To start business based on contributing agricultural development of China, building a green future and seeking agricultural health, Hebei Runyu sincerely and responsibly develops an entrepreneurship model featuring “healthy agricultural,” “ecological construction” and “sustainable development.” Adhering to the guideline of “conscientious entrepreneurship,” Hebei Runyu advocates scientific R&D mechanism, abandons modern polluting techniques and imprint efficiency and preciousness, the essence of Runyu fertilizers, into the heart of every partner. The leadership level of the company is modestly, sincerely and intelligently committed to “agricultural pioneer” in China. They lead a group of vigorous and persistent young people with their own dreams to sow “golden fertilizers” on the barren soil to achieve a “bumper year.” Currently, the company has 76 employees, of which 8 are of medium-and senior-level professional posts, 12 are of medium professional posts, 20 are of preliminary professional posts and 36 are workers. The powerful and professional team vigorously supports the consistent development of Hebei Runyu.


      Sticking to the concept of “providing quality products and developing boutique agricultural materials,” Hebei Runyu has built a modernized scientific production area to ensure itself to strictly adhere to occupation health regulations. During the production process, it adopts full process monitoring, controlling and approving so as to guarantee its working environment to be superior to national standards. Relying on the extensive agricultural market cooperation partnership network, Hebei Runyu growing step by step is selling its quality products to countries all over China.


      In the future, Hebei Runyu will keep on improving its core competitiveness, and lead in terms of product quality, ex-factory check and product coverage. Sticking to the corporate culture of “Quality and Honesty First,” Hebei Runyu will work hard to expand and broaden its sales platform to make more agricultural partners experience the superior quality of Runyu fertilizers, and to realize the vision of “becoming the most professional fertilizer science company in China.”