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    3. News


      The 19th China (Lang Fang) Agricultural Products Trade Fair (2)


      The 19th China (Lang Fang) Agricultural Products Trade Fair was held in the International Conference and Exhibition Center of Langfang from 26th to 28th. This fair was supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and hosted by the China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives and People’s Government of Hebei Province. With the theme of “modern agriculture, green brand and trade cooperation”, it was a platform of agricultural projects and products trading of larger scales, more effectiveness and influences.

      In addition to the delegations and firms from 26 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, there were many from nine other countries including the United States and Canada participating in it. There were altogether 890 firms and over 2,500 people participating in it.

      Jinzhou Runyu Fertilizer Technology Co., Ltd. exhibited the agricultural products applied with its fertilizers there, too. They were thoroughly evaluated by the leaders and participants.