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    3. Products


      Shijiazhuang Runyu Organic Fertilizer RY012

      Current classification:有機肥

      Shijiazhuang Runyu Organic Fertilizer RY012

      hotline:hotline 400-707-6188
      • Product description
      • Specifications
      1. Runyu microorganism agent is complemented by animals’ excrements, mealsolvent, humic acid and so on as the original elements. In addition, there are nitrogen phosphorus and potassium macroelements.
      2. This fertilizer can promote beneficial microorganisms’ reproduction, increase the Bioactivity of soils, cut down the pollution of the soil, strengthen plants’ ability of alkali resistance, enrich soil nutrient and improve the utility of the fertilizer. Also it can increase organism and preserve water, air and nutrition in the soil.
      3. This fertilizer can promote root growth and ease the absorption by the crops to make the stems stronger, which enhances the ability of resisting continuous cropping, senescence and other diseases.

      4.    Runyu fertilizer is applicable to varied kinds of crops for the sake of increasing production. It enhances photosynthesis to help increase amino acid, protein, flour, and sugar contents. The fertilizer improves the size of crops, color, quality, storage, transportation, ripening and yield, and reduces pesticide residue.

      5.    Runyu fertilizer is applicable to all kinds of vegetables and field crops.


      Weight: 40kg/bag   Type: Black brown powder

      Technical indexes: Organic matter≥45%, NPK≥5%, Beneficial bacteria≥50 million

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